If you are having an operation, we will send you hospital admission details pending a satisfactory pre-operative health check at the Nuffield hospital.

On the day of surgery, it is important that you have nothing to eat or drink for at least six hours before the operation as it would otherwise be unsafe for you to have an anaesthetic and the procedure would have to be postponed or cancelled. Essential medicines may be taken with a small amount of water on the morning of the operation, but please check this with the Nurse Practitioner at the time of your pre-operative health check. Please bring all your medication with you and ensure that you have stopped any medication that you have been asked not to take.

Upon arrival on the ward, you will meet the ward nurses who will be caring for you. You will be asked to give important information about your medical history, including medication and allergies.

Coming to hospital can be stressful and you should feel free to ask or discuss any concerns with the ward staff. They are experienced professionals who understand these issues and are there to help you settle in comfortably.

Your operation will be performed by Nitin Patel who will meet you on the ward to discuss the operation once again. The Consultant Anaesthetist, usually Dr Wim Blancke, will also meet you to discuss your anaesthetic and post-operative pain medication.



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Mr Patel is available at the Nuffield Health Hospital in Bristol, however, we treat patients from across the South West including Cheltenham, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcester, Wiltshire, Somerset and South Wales.

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