Clinic consultation fees

If you have Private Medical Insurance (PMI), you must obtain pre-authorisation for the consultation from your insurance company prior to your clinic appointment.

Surgery fees

If you are scheduled for an operation, and you have PMI cover, you will need to obtain pre-authorisation for the operation from your insurance company who will check the extent of your cover. We will provide you with the information required by your insurance company including the operation codes (OPCS) and the estimated consultant fees.

When seeking pre-authorisation from your PMI company, you will need to check how much of the consultant fees will be covered under your policy as fees reimbursed by different PMI companies can vary considerably for the same operation. If there is a shortfall in consultant fees, this should be identified to you by your PMI.

Hospital fees are invoiced directly to your PMI company by the hospital. These fees are usually covered in full and include theatre, nursing, blood tests, scans and accommodation costs.

Consultant fees are invoiced separately to hospital fees. Bristol Spine Clinic Ltd will invoice your PMI directly for the professional care provided by Mr Patel. A separate fee will be charged by your Consultant Anaesthetist.

Self-funded surgery

If you are funding your own private healthcare, you can decide when is the best time for you to have your operation, whilst knowing exactly how much it is going to cost. Should you wish to consider this option, we will be happy to ask the hospital business office to provide you with a quote.



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